Artwork on display at Third Saturdays at the Many Hands Courtyard in Tucson.

Cindy Haas, co-owner of the Many Hands Courtyard, has made it her goal to transform her cluster of shops on 1st Avenue into an artist community.

To aid her effort, Haas began "Third Saturdays", a marketplace for artists to produce, show, and sell their artwork in the renovated courtyard.

"One of the biggest supporters of Third Saturdays have been the gourd artists," said Haas in a recent Arizona Illustrated interview.

Along with promoting diversity in Tucson's local art community, Third Saturdays will provide a venue for fundraising for different organizations in the community, with the next fundraiser going to support Blue Star Moms.

The fundraising efforts give local shoppers and artists alike a way to contribute to the community, Haas says.

"Most artists like to give back," she says, "and most of us don't have the money or the means to do so."

Many hands Courtyard is at 3054 N. First Ave., and the Third Saturdays showing run from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

We speak to Cindy Haas about the Many Hands Courtyard that has been in Tucson since 1999, providing artists with an outlet for different businesses such as an antiques boutique, furniture repair and art galleries. An Art Fair is being held the third Saturday of the month. (3rd Saturday Art Fair)\\u000D\\u000A\\u000D\\u000A\\u000D\\u000ACindy Haas \\u002D Co\\u002Downer, The Many Hands Courtyard