Arizona is estimated to have hundreds of thousands of military veterans, and many of these former service members were drafted or volunteered during the Vietnam War.

Dan Ross served in the U.S. Air Force and Jim Shilling was a member of the U.S. Army. Now both are volunteers in the local chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America, where Ross is the president.

He says the group holds fundraisers so that they can provide essential services to people in need, even if they served decades ago.

"Utilities or rent or whatever," Ross says. "We vote on it and then very seldom do we ever turn anybody down."

Shilling says that despite the group's name, Vietnam Veterans of America, the organization also works with older or much younger veterans, such as those who have recently served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

"Veterans are coming out and they're not finding jobs, some of them are homeless on the street and they're having problems," Shilling says.

The men also volunteer with NamJam, an annual concert and fundraiser that celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.