People who really love coffee never need an excuse to savor their favorite beverage, and a new local event called The Tucson Coffee Crawl is hoping to inspire more than just passionate coffee devotees to not just drink.

It should lead them to learn more about coffee's history and the intricacies of its preparation.

"We want to celebrate the world-class coffee scene that lives and thrives in our great city," says Coffee Crawl organizer Laura Adams. "The Coffee Crawl is an event that will guide the curiously caffeinated through some of Tucson’s best cafes while hosting demonstrations that educate crawlers about proper coffee roasting and brewing techniques."

Adams says she hopes this debut event will be the start for of annual coffee crawls, and she stresses that although the participating locations are scattered around the downtown area, "the entire crawl is bike-able, and most of the crawl is walk-able."

The event will focus on eight Tucson coffee houses, including Cartel Coffee Lab, Sparkroot, Yellow Brick Coffee, eXo Roast Co., Caffe Luce, Adventure Coffee Roasting, Brewd, and Raging Sage.