The Tucson Alliance of Dramatic Artists, or TADA!, has recently put out a call for original scripts, offering screenwriters a chance to have their plays produced and the possibility of a cash prize.

"We formed to produce original plays that have been written with social, political, human or historical relevance. Plays that affect people in the heart and mind, and make you think," says Sheldon Metz, founder of TADA!.

To that end, Metz and collaborator John Vornholt are calling on the Tucson community to create and submit original work. They say there has been too many "fluff" plays, or revivals of plays as of recent which have been done over and over again.

While continuing to accept original pieces for possible production, Metz and Vornholt have created their own "fluff" pieces for Murder Mayhem, a murder mystery dinner theater show they co-founded, which is performed at the Hotel Congress.

"That's where we do all the fluff that we knock other plays for," jokes Vornholt of the Murder Mayhem shows. "It's fun, we get to lampoon a lot of stuff."

TADA! will continue to take original scripts through mid-September with hopes of putting on a total of four shows over the next year, while Murder Mayhem will have its next shows July 20 and July 21.