Money is one of the most stressful topics in many people's lives, but businesswoman, blogger and author Natalie Pace believes it doesn't have to be this way.

Following a divorce, Pace found herself with much less income than she used to be able to count on, so she began a hobby that would turn into a lifelong passion and opportunity.

She began to study and learn about topics like markets and investingwhere she has done better than usually expected my many people, even during volatile economic times.

That eventually led to her to establish The Women's Investment Network, travel the world, make TV appearances, blog for the Huffington Post and write "You vs. Wall Street," a book that addresses investment planning.

She says success is a great blessing, but she doesn't believe people should spend money they don't have or can't afford to lose in order to be happy, especially during the holidays.

Money can be saved by spending more time with friends and family instead of buying gifts, or by buying fewer gifts that can educate or entertain, Pace says.

She says many families with small children can even have a great time by simply focusing on the packaging of gifts, since many kids can get a kick out of something as simple as the box where the gift is contained.