When Hollywood film producers were seeking locations for scenes that are supposed to take place in Tijuana, Mexico, they visited Nogales, Arizona.

After a conversation with the mayor, they decided the Arizona border town would make the cut and ended their search.

Mayor Arturo Garino promised the city would put out a welcome mat with an emphasis on assistance, cooperation and enthusiasm for the successful completion of the project.

He says The Hangover Part III has paid off, with an important financial boost to the community, including business for restaurants, hardware stores and other merchants. Residents who were cast as extras in the film also benefited, he says.

Garino says he would like to encourage other productions to come to Nogales but he is concentrating on more sustainable economic development models.

Nogales is the nation's busiest port of entry for produce from Mexico, and Garino wants to grow that along with attracting more shoppers and visitors from south of the border and from the north.