The Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired, or SAAVI was founded 46 years ago to serve as a support and social group for those who are blind or visually impaired.

Today, SAAVI offers a wide range of courses and support, from safe cooking and cleaning to learning to read Braille, and even offers classes in sports and exercise.

"The support groups have helped me so much," said Day Graham, student and client of SAAVI, in an Arizona Illustrated interview. "They build confidence and give you a chance to verbalize what you are going through in a confidential environment with people who have gone though or are going through the same thing."

Roxanne Torres, community outreach coordinator for SAAVI, says innovative courses and support groups aren't the only developments improving the lives of the visually impaired and blind.

"We have color readers that help us to do laundry and match our clothes, bar code scanners to help with cooking and shopping, software so that I can still use a computer," says Torres. "There are so many cool new technologies that make our life easier."