The Arizona Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would require law enforcement agencies to destroy medical marijuana after a police investigation.

State law already calls for marijuana seized in a criminal investigation to be disposed of after the legal case is complete. SB1441 would require the same of medical marijuana seized in a criminal investigation.

Earlier this year a California woman won an Arizona court case in which she said the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office should have returned marijuana it seized from her because she is a medical marijuana cardholder.

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled at the time that, because she’s medical marijuana cardholder, the drugs should not have been seized. This bill would reverse the outcome of a similar case in the future.

The proposal requires approval from three quarters of the each chamber to pass, because there is a higher threshold for bills that would amend voter-approved laws, such as the 2010 measure authorizing the state to have a medical marijuana program.

The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 25-3, so it met that threshold and now moves to the Arizona House for consideration.