Pima County completed counting all ballots Monday, processing its last 566 votes.

The final count did not change any results, including two races called in just the last two days.

Those were Democrat Ron Barber's victory in Congressional District 2 and approval by city of Tucson voters of a $100 million borrowing plan for road maintenance.

The county Board of Supervisors will meet Nov. 26 to certify the results. The final statewide canvass and certification is scheduled for Dec. 3.

The slow counting of the votes in Pima County and several other spots in the state has led legislators and others to call for close inspection of the system and a possible overhaul.

The final Pima County tally put voter turnout for the Nov. 6 election at 77.8 percent, or 385,725 of the county's 495,647 registered voters.