Local First Arizona wants you to walk down the street and visit the shop owned by your neighbor.

The idea behind the local first movement is to get consumers to shift some of their buying to local business. Deanna Chevas, with Local First Arizona, says that may be easier to do than you think

“You can buy Hickman’s Eggs, you can buy Shamrock Farm’s dairy products at your grocery store, and you are shifting some of your spending to local producers,” Chevas says.

Pop-Cycle is a locally owned store on Fourth Avenue in Tucson. Store owner Shannon Riggs says Pop-Cycle hires local artisans and other local businesses to complete the local business circle.

“It might be a little extra effort to check up on things to see where you can get something local … but we try to always walk the walk,” Riggs says.

Local business owners say that using their services is better for the local economy because they don’t send profits to an out-of-state corporate headquarters.