Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett says he might try to block Gov. Jan Brewer from getting on the ballot if she tries to run for another term.

Brewer has floated the idea that term limits don't prevent her from running again because she wasn't elected to the partial term she held after Democrat Janet Napolitano resigned in 2009.

Bennett himself is a possible candidate for governor. He has a committee to explore such a candidacy. He has said he believes that term limits in the Arizona Constitution bar Brewer from running again.

His office processes candidate filings, but he told Phoenix station KTVK-TV in an interview that his office might not accept Brewer's paperwork.

He noted that both he and Brewer swore to uphold the state Constitution.

Brewer and Bennett are both Republicans. Brewer moved into the governor's post from secretary of state, as provided for in the state constitution, after Napolitano's resignation to become U.S. secretary of homeland security. Bennett was elected secretary of state in 2010 after serving in the Legislature.