Low gas prices at the end of the year may contribute to an uptick in holiday travel, AAA Arizona predicts.

The prices have been low because of weak demand and a plentiful supply of fuel, said AAA Spokeswoman Valerie Vineyard.

That could make people reevaluate their end-of-the year travel plans, she said.

"According to AAA's travel forecast, one out of four Arizonans were going to take to the roads for the Christmas holiday this weekend anyway," she said.

Gas prices are the lowest in the Tucson area that they've been all year, she said.

"We predict that there's probably going to be some more people (traveling) now because of the low gas prices," Vineyard said.

AAA also predicts gas prices will stay low through the end of the year, pending market conditions, she said.

New Yorkers are paying the most for their gasoline, at nearly $3.74 a gallon. In Tucson, the average gas price today is $2.91, according to AAA.