By The Associated Press

Gabrielle Giffords is satisfied with the expected plea agreement from the man accused of shooting her and many others in a Tucson parking lot.

The former congresswoman said In a joint statement with her husband, Mark Kelly, that she hopes it will allow victims of the mass shooting to move on with their lives.

On Tuesday, Jared Loughner's legal team was expected to argue that he is competent enough to enter a plea. The 23-year-old was at a hearing during which his lawyers and prosecutors were expected to try persuading U.S. District Judge Larry Burns that Loughner is no longer mentally unfit for trial.

A court-appointed psychiatrist was expected to testify that Loughner is competent to enter a plea.

If the judge agrees, as legal experts expect, a formal change-of-plea hearing was scheduled to follow.

At that hearing, Loughner was expected to speak, as the judge questioned him about the agreement and changing his plea to guilty.