Editor's note: This story is updated to correct earlier information.

Two of three bills targeting public employee unions were voted down in a House committee Tuesday after opposition from police and fire unions.

One of the two rejected bills then was passed to the House floor on a procedural vote when the two opposing Republicans switched to "yes" votes. That bill would require all union negotiations for public employees to take place in public.

The second approved bill would require every municipality in the state to take a public vote on collecting union dues through paycheck deductions.

Arizona Police Association executive director Levi Bolton labeled all the bills as union-busting efforts.

The one bill that failed would have banned release time, which allows union officers to conduct union business on paid work time.

That bill and the pubic negotiations bill are favored by the Goldwater Institute to curb what it called "the abuses of Big Labor."

One union executive called the bills unwarranted attacks on public employee unions. Roman Ulman of AFSCME Arizona People Conference noted the bill requiring public negotiations would only apply to unions and not any other contracts.