The fourth annual Tucson Sculpture Festivall began Friday, bringing together an array of artists from Tucson and surrounding communities.

Karl Whitaker, a self-described “artist agitator” and a festival organizer, says the exhibits will be at the Sculpture Resource Center, 640 N. Stone Ave., and The Whistle Stop, around the corner at 127 W. Fifth St.

Whitaker says the festival features “a lot of variety. People are doing a lot of welded work, other people are doing clay and work in paper.”

One featured artist, Moises Orozco, says the collaborative environment at the Sculpture Resource Center allows him to benefit from the creative energy of others.

“There’s something about this place where we’re always helping each other out,” Orozco says. “We just have a project and people will bring metal and then, ‘Oh wow, I’m going to make something out of that.’”

The 2013 Tucson Sculpture Festival runs through Feb. 15.