Play the video above to see discussion of these topics on AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, Feb. 15, with Jim Nintzel hosting state Senate President Andy Biggs, state Sen. Linda Lopez and former state lawmakers Paula Aboud and Jonathan Paton.

MEDICAID EXPANSION could take a two-thirds vote because it includes a tax increase - the fee on health-care providers - Paton argued. Aboud said she thinks it needs a simple majority. Biggs said he is still undecided because too many questions are unanswered, while Lopez said she supports it.

BACKGROUND CHECKS would be required for all gun sales and ammunition magazine size would be limited under a bill Lopez said she favors. Others agreed that if the bill doesn't get a committee hearing by this time next week, it's dead for this session.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD health-care funding would be restored under a federal court ruling this week striking down a state law. But Biggs predicted an appeal, perhaps going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Lopez cheered the decision.