Lawyers for Gov. Jan Brewer urged a judge Thursday to reject a request to block Arizona from enforcing the denial of driver's licenses for deferred deportation immigrants, known as "dreamers."

Gov, Jan Brewer's office is seeking the ruling to keep intact her executive order against issuance of licenses for the young immigrants, who are being given two-year deportation delays under President Barack Obama's orders.

The young people, brought to the United States illegally as children, have been allowed to apply for work permits as they avoid deportation under a new Obama administration policy.

They are called "dreamers" after the DREAM Act, proposed legislation that would give them legal status as they serve in the military or go to college.

When Obama issued the order last year, Brewer shortly after issued her own order saying they would not be allowed to drive legally in the state.

Rights groups argued that it would keep them from work and school, and they filed suit asking a judge to declare Brewer's policy unconstitutional on the grounds it is trumped by federal law.

Brewer's lawyers said the Obama administration policy doesn't have the same trumping effect of federal law.