Democrat Felecia Rotellini is running for attorney general for a second time.

Rotellini formed a state campaign committee Monday and announced her decision in a news release. She lost the 2010 general election to Republican Tom Horne by a margin of less than 4 percentage points.

Horne also has a campaign committee for the Arizona attorney general's race in 2014, although he has been mentioned as a potential gubernatorial candidate.

Rotellini said in her announcement she wants to focus on the same issues she campaigned on in 2010, including consumer fraud, investment fraud and elder abuse. She also said she wants to restore integrity to the office.

“The attorney general should be an independent watchdog, not a career politician that promotes himself or is accused of violating laws he is supposed to enforce. The circus act has to stop; we must restore integrity back into the Attorney General’s Office," Rotellini said in a news release.

That is a reference to a reported FBI investigation of Horne regarding alleged campaign finance violations.

Horne opened his 2014 attorney general state campaign committee in 2011. He has not formally announced his intentions for the 2014 election.

Horne and Rotellini are the only people with active 2014 state campaign committees for attorney general.