Climate change models predict that, in the future, Arizona will become hotter and drier, and that is expected to strain the state's water supplies.

The Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona has organized a conference to address water supply - where it will come from, how it is vulnerable, and what, if anything, needs to change to ensure a continued flow.

The conference is scheduled for March 5, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the UA Student Union. More information and register here.

Water security, WRRC director Sharon Megdal says, "is actually a key issue for us in Tucson, for the state of Arizona, for the Colorado River basin and the world, actually".

In addition to threats from climate change, water managers must contend with a growing population and expanding cities. Furthermore, the Colorado River has been over-allocated, and some aquifers may be draining faster than they can be replenished, Megdal says.