Gov. Jan Brewer criticized President Barack Obama Tuesday for coming to Phoenix and taking credit for Arizona's housing and economic recovery.

In a statement sent to the news media after Obama's departure, Brewer said the credit belongs to hard-working Arizonans.

"The Arizona comeback is in full-swing, and this was the president's opportunity to witness (it) firsthand," Brewer said in the statement. "I am disappointed that the president used his visit ... to lay out a plan for even (bigger) government programs, while also trying to share credit for Arizona's ... recovery."

When the Republican governor took office in 2009, the state economy was crumbling, and the housing market faced the biggest collapse in Arizona history, the statement said.

Since then, Brewer said, the market is recovering faster in metro Phoenix than any other city, home values in the state continue to rise, and foreclosures are declining.

"In four years, the Arizona economy has gone from one of the most distressed in the nation to one of the strongest," she said. " ... While the federal government continues to add to the nation's deficit, Arizona is once again running a surplus."

Brewer, who met Obama when he arrived at Sky Harbor International Airport but did not attend the speech, said Arizona's success is not thanks to the Obama administration, which she said favors "big government and bureaucracy over limited government and business growth."

The governor said the state's comeback should be credited to free-market principles, blocking government regulations, lowering taxes and allowing businesses to grow.

"Arizonans who have witnessed our turnaround, and continue to work hard to sustain it, should be baffled by today's campaign-style appearance in Phoenix," Brewer's statement said. "Instead of trying to share credit for Arizona's success, President Obama should learn from our example."