Stephanie Doerries is getting her doctorate at the University of Arizona's School of Natural Resources and the Environment

The school is part of a cooperative effort that is currently studying the Sonoran pronghorn in our region.

Doerries said that scientists are analyzing the pronghorn in Arizona and Mexico to gain more information about this rare species, and to learn about its needs and challenges.

The challenges include restricted migration patterns compared to their historical ranges.

"There are some years where the forage and the habitat can support 500-plus pronghorn even in the area that they are currently restricted today, which is only a million acres," Doerries said. Then, there are other years and times where it's so dry they can't event support 100 animals."

She added that some of the major problems right now are habitat fragmentation and drought.

Other groups involved in the monitoring of Sonoran pronghorn include the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.