While one may be able to catch a decent show watching a meteor shower in town, Kitt Peak National Observatory, high up on the mountain, away from all the city lights, claims to be one of the best places to watch such a celestial event.

"We have made two attempts already this year to have a 'meteor mania' event, but the weather wouldn't allow us to," says Kitt Peak's Robert Martino.

Weather permitting, the third attempt will be Dec. 13-14 from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Tickets may be purchased by calling 520 318-8726.

Although the event will go in to the early hours of the morning, Martino guarantees visitors will not leave without learning something new.

"It may be late for children but the knowledge they gain will be well worth it," says Martino, the observatory's public outreach program coordinator.

In addition to watching the show atop the mountain, participants will see demonstrations of everyday materials to help better understand what meteors are and how they come to Earth.

People going are advised to bring lawn chairs, warm clothing and even blankets and sleeping bags.