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Republican VP Candidate Pence Coming to Tucson Tuesday

Jul 29, 2016

Tuesday town hall appearance on campaign schedule; time and place yet to come.

McCain: Torture Is un-American, and Trump Is Wrong about It

Jul 28, 2016

Republican senator says it's No. 1 issue on which he disagrees with presidential candidate.

Giffords, Kelly to Speak at Democratic Convention

Jul 26, 2016

Message: 'Elect somebody who will keep communities safe from gun violence.'

Republican Supervisors Candidates in Districts 1, 4

Jul 22, 2016

Primary voters have Ray Carroll's seat to fill and a challenge to incumbent Ally Miller.

McCain Launches New Ad in Arizona's US Senate Race

Jul 19, 2016

The online spot attacks Democratic challenger Kirkpatrick

In 1st Congressional District, Money Race is Tight

Jul 19, 2016

Six Republicans vie for party nomination, and funds to run their campaign.

Kirkpatrick Launches First TV Ad in Arizona Senate Race

Jul 18, 2016

The Democratic candidate for Senate is taking to the airwaves.

Not Sure If You're Registered to Vote? Check Online.

Jul 15, 2016

New site allows voters to catch problems before Election Day.

In Wake of Dallas Police Killings - Tucson Police Working with the Community

Jul 11, 2016

Tucson Police one of 15 police departments in the country selected for new policing strategies