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Grijalva: Democrats Must Offer 'Effective Opposition'

Nov 23, 2016

Southern Arizona Congressman says it will be difficult to work with White House.

Immigration and the Economy, if Campaign Promises Hold

Nov 18, 2016

Plus, looking ahead with a Border Patrol union rep; looking back with political analysis.

Ballot Counting Nears Completion in Pima County

Nov 17, 2016

19,000 provisional ballots found valid; late count not expected to affect results.

Legislative Numbers: Little Change in Party Breakdown

Nov 17, 2016

Democrats had hoped to make up ground, but both chambers largely unchanged.

Arizona to Have Voice with Trump, Campaign Official Says

Nov 17, 2016

Immigration likely to be key issue in new presidency, and Arizona is a border state.

Arizona Democrats Seeking Roadmap for the Future

Nov 15, 2016

The party is hoping to regroup after what it sees as a surprise loss.

Grijalva: Democratic Party Must Reform Itself After Losses

Nov 14, 2016

Party leadership needs new people, new consultants, new message, he says.

Pima County Republican Official: Obamacare Repeal Needed for Arizona

Nov 14, 2016

Rising costs, including premiums, make health care plan unacceptable, he says.

Mexican President to Meet with Trump Pre-Inauguration

Nov 14, 2016

Government officials say Peña Nieto wants to open dialogue early.