Three policy specialists from Arizona State University gave Arizona Week their analysis of the constitutional amendment proposals on the general election ballot. The analyses aired on Friday's broadcast.

The rundown:

Proposition 114 — Exempting a crime victim from liability incurred by a felony perpetrator. Explanation and analysis by E.J. Perkins, a policy analyst with the Morrison institute for Public Policy at ASU,

Proposition 115 — Giving the governor more authority in the selection of judges in Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties. Explanation and analysis by Andy Hessick, professor at the Sandra Day O''Connor College of Law at ASU.

Proposition 116 — Exempting small businesses from paying personal property tax on newly purchased equipment. explanation and analysis by Perkins.

Proposition 117 — Capping the annual increase in property value used in property tax calculations at 5% annually. Explanation and analysis by Perkins.

Proposition 121 -- Changing the state's election system by creating an open primary and a top-two general election. Explanation and analysis by David Berman, senior research fellow at the Morrison Institute.

On the Oct. 26 Arizona Week, explanation and analysis of the three remaining constitutional amendments will be presented. They are:

Proposition 118 — Allowing changes to the formula for distribution of money from the state land trust for schools.

Proposition 119 — Allowing the state to exchange trust land for other public land to protect military installations.

Proposition 120 — Declaring state sovereignty over all public lands, including some federal lands, in the state.

The full texts of all Arizona ballot propositions and other information can be seen at the Your Vote 2012 Election Center