A historic election, a struggle to finance public education, a sluggish economy, Arizona in the national political spotlight. Those were the key news topics of 2012.

Arizona Week on Friday reviews those news stories through the words of those who made the news about them during the year.

  • The election. In Arizona, that meant five elections: the Republican presidential primary in February, a special primary for the Congressional District 8 vacancy in April, the special CD8 general election in June, and the regular primary and general elections in the fall.

  • Education funding. Talk of it was a dominant theme in the state's election campaign, with Proposition 204 on the ballot, and in an ongoing dialogue throughout the legislative session and beyond as the state wrestles over the needed resources for public schools.

  • The economy. Arizona saw continued improvement, and the housing market showed signs of rebounding, but economists stuck to their prediction that full recovery wouldn't come until 2015.

  • Immigration. Arizona’s leading role in getting tough on immigration came to a head, with the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on SB 1070 and an election outcome in which Latinos stayed away from Republican candidates in droves, leading tlo the possibility of immigration reform ahead.