Four of the five members of the Sunnyside Unified School District governing board are facing the prospect of a recall election.

The efforts to recall Louie Gonzalez and Bobby Garcia began in July, and last week paperwork was filed with the Pima County School Superintendent to recall board members Daniel Hernandez and Buck Crouch.

All four of the campaigns must gather 1,345 valid signatures from registered voters in the school district on Tucson's south side to force a recall election.

“This is really just kind of the first step before anything else happens because the individuals have 120 days to come back with petitions,” said Ricardo Hernandez, chief financial officer for the Pima County School Superintendent's office. He is not related to Daniel Hernandez.

The deadline for signatures in the Gonzalez and Garcia recall campaigns is Nov. 14. The deadline in the Daniel Hernandez and Crouch recall campaigns is Dec. 14.

In paperwork filed with the Pima County School Superintendent's Office, the committee seeking to recall Gonzalez and Garcia said the two fail to respect the views of district staff and fail to represent voters in the district, among other things.

In the recall effort against Daniel Hernandez and Crouch, paperwork filed said the two are deceitful and contribute to a negative public impression of the district, among other things.

The only board member not facing recall is Eva Dong.

If each of the campaigns reach the required signature threshold, the Gonzalez and Garcia recalls could be held in May 2014, and the Daniel Hernandez and Crouch elections could be held August 2014.

Recall elections must be funded by the school district, Ricardo Hernandez said, and the cost could exceed $100,000.

"Considering they’re not going to happen with any major overlapping election, like the general election, the expense is going to be significant, and it’s going to be borne entirely by the Sunnyside School District,” he said.

Daniel Hernandez is up for reelection in November 2014, and the other three board members facing recall are up for reelection in 2016, Ricardo Hernandez said.

Read the Sunnyside School Board recall applications: View at Google Docs | Download File