The Pima County Public Library is going to start accepting credit cards and online payments for late fees and fines.

Pima County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to implement a policy they had already said they support: allowing people to pay their late fees with more than just in person with a check or cash.

With the board’s unanimous approval, those fees can also be paid online.

The move will make fines as convenient as other services people already available online, said Supervisor Ramón Valadez.

Other online services include reserving books, checking out electronic books, and searching the catalogue.

“This is really a matter of becoming more user friendly," he said. "Obviously we’ve made tremendous strides in our public library system over the years and this is really about the convenience of the user."

Fines and fees can be paid online from anywhere, including at any library branch. The new policy requires patrons to enter their own credit card information into the online system, though, and specifically prohibits library employees from handling credit cards or entering credit card information into the system.