Millions of tons of food are thrown away each year, but some Tucsonans are hoping to make a local dent on the issue by returning some of that food back into the soil.

The UA's Compost Cats collect food and other organic matter from the university, local restaurants, supermarkets and even Reid Park Zoo.

The items are transported to San Xavier Cooperative Farm, where they are mixed and kept moist at the right temperatures, until they decompose and can be used as a beneficial additive in garden soil or similar operations.

Supporters say composting is great way to help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills, decreasing the amount of methane gas that would be produced in those landfills and finding new uses for the uneaten matter.

Since Compost Cats was founded, the group of students has been gaining traction and bringing new collaborators on board including the city of Tucson.

Interview with Compost Cat's founder and the environmental manager for the city of Tucson.