The three candidates in Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District met for their second Southern Arizona debate this week. Incumbent Democrat Gabrielle Giffords and challengers Republican Jesse Kelly and Libertarian Steven Stoltz took on the controversial issues that have dogged them this campaign season, and may decide the race on November 2nd.

The candidates were asked their views on several different issues.

Click to hear the candidates' stands on ...

Campaign rancor (Jesse Kelly speaks first, Steven Stoltz second, Gabrielle Giffords third).

Adopting a 10% flat income tax (Kelly speaks first, Stoltz second, Giffords third).

The national health care bill (Giffords and Kelly spar, Stoltz finishes).

Amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the United States (Giffords speaks first, Kelly second, Stoltz third).

Changing the 14th Amendment (Kelly speaks first, Stoltz second, Giffords third).

The proposed Rosemont Copper Mine in CD8 (Stoltz speaks first, Giffords second, Kelly third).