Tucson Electric Power is asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to approve a new plan Friday to increase energy efficiency among its power customers.

The utility has to meet energy reduction standards by 2020, and is hoping the commission will OK a plan that helps customers reduce energy use through programs and financing plans for high-dollar improvements.

Some of the programs include home evaluations for energy leaks, and the financing plan will help TEP customers buy lower-energy appliances.

Those programs come at a cost to the company's customers, says Jeff Schlegel, Arizona representative for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. The group supports the plan.

"There’s an increase in the customer collections, $2 a month, that would then go to fund the programs that would serve customers," Schlegel said. "Customers fund these programs just like they would a power plant or a transmission line."

TEP Energy Efficiency Proposal: View at Google Docs | Download File