Gov. Jan Brewer and Republican legislative leaders are moving closer to striking a deal on a state budget for 2012-13 but aren't ready to sign off just yet.

House Speaker Andy Tobin said in an interview with Arizona Public Media Thursday the two sides are getting close but because Brewer has been out of town, they won't reach agreement before the end of the month, which is Monday.

The Arizona Capitol Times earlier Thursday quoted Tobin as saying the deal was "90 percent there." The Capitol Times also quoted House Majority Leader Steve Court as saying that Brewer had agreed to use the Republican legislators' revenue numbers, a significant breakthrough.

The fundamental difference between Brewer and her fellow GOP leaders in the Legislature had been over the state's revenue forecasts for the next two years.

Brewer had said there's enough money to spend more on schools, some social programs and prisons, while legislators have said they want to save as much as possible to be prepared for big expenses coming on federally imposed health care and the end of the 1-cent education sales tax.

A day-long session among top gubernatorial budget aides and House and Senate Republican leaders on Wednesday led to progress, the Capitol Times reported.

Brewer last week told legislators not to send her any more bills for consideration until there was a budget deal. Legislative leaders have complied, but bills have piled up since then.