Representatives from 10 universities and university systems across the country met with Vice President Joe Biden this week to discuss how to improve financial aid disclosure in higher education. Included was an official from Arizona State University.

In an invitation-only meeting in Washington, D.C., ASU Vice President Christine Wilkinson met with Biden, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and representatives from university systems in several other states. All participants pledged to improve communication with students and access to financial information.

“The Obama administration is trying to keep college affordable so one of the initiatives is to develop what they are calling a ‘shopping sheet’,” Wilkinson said.

The sheet will allow students and their families to compare the annual cost of particular universities online, option regarding grants and loans and an estimated monthly payment for those, Wilkinson said.

The plan is to make that sheet available before students start looking at colleges for the 2013-14 academic year, she said.

The University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University were not invited to participate in the small meeting, Wilkinson said, but she hopes to share information from the trip with both universities.