Washington Week has partnered with Arizona Public Media, KPBS San Diego and the Fronteras Desk for a discussion of issues that matter in the Southwest and across the nation.

This special town hall focused on border security, the Supreme Court ruling on SB1070 and Latino worries over potential racial profiling in law enforcement.

Tightened border security in Southern California drove illegal immigrant traffic, including drug traffic, to Southern Arizona, where the rural desert remains unsecured, law-enforcement and businesspeople say.

One worry among the burgeoning Latino population in Arizona is that increased enforcement efforts will lead to racial profiling of Latinos, says Leticia de la Vara, director of One Arizona, a coalition of groups seeking to boost Latino voter turnout.

Washington ignores the real issues because of "the elephant in the room" -- special interests, including businesses needing cheap labor -- says former U.S. Attorney Pete Nuñez of San Diego.

Watch the video for more on this special town hall hosted by Gwen Ifill in Washington.