By The Associated Press

A commission won't ask Arizona voters to raise the annual $24,000 salary of the state's part-time legislators.

A motion to put a recommendation for a $30,000 annual salary on the November ballot failed on a 2-2 tie vote Tuesday. A fifth commissioner, who would have broken the tie, wasn't available because House Speaker Andy Tobin has not made that appointment.

Commissioners supporting a raise say the current salary is too low and should be raised so more people can serve.

Opponents said they agree the salary is too low but that economic conditions and the state's recent budget troubles make it inappropriate to recommend a raise now.

Voters last approved a pay increase for legislators in 1998, raising the annual salary from $15,000.

Voters since have rejected five proposals to raise the annual salary to $30,000 or $36,000.

The Legislature holds an annual regular session usually lasting about four months.