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Episode 207: Fiber optics for the toughest environments

Making fiber optics ready for the harshest environments.

Episode 206: The cost of energy indepedence

Examining the complications behind extracting oil and gas from underneath the Earth's surface.

Episode 205: Fighting for the future of chocolate

How plant viruses affect the availability of the foods we eat.

Episode 204: Helping teachers keep math interesting

A University of Arizona professor wants to help learners know, use and enjoy mathematics.

Episode 203: Predicting how forests will respond to climate change

Investigating how changes in global temperature will affect our forest.

Episode 201: Detecting danger from traumatic brain injuries

A University of Arizona biomedical engineer is promoting the use of sensors in mouth guard to detect sports concussions.

Episode 200: Climate change clues from prehistoric times

Prehistoric temperature data can help us predict the impact of climate change.

Episode 199: A history of eating

Looking back in time to determine what created our dietary habits.

Episode 198: Groundwater and climate change

Using computer models to predict the effect of climate change on groundwater in the West.

Episode 197: Researching smartphone efficiency

Exploring ways to make smartphones run more efficiently.

Episode 196: Molecules and the battle against bacteria

Discovering how anti-microbial molecules fight infectious disease

Episode 195: Earth science and the art of crunching numbers

Meeting increasing data analysis challenges in Earth science research

Episode 194: Researching eating disorders with lab mice

Using laboratory mice to understand eating and emotional behavior.

Episode 193: Going global with farming methods

The challenges in transplanting a popular farming method around the globe.

Episode 192: Seeking knowledge through the use of synthetic biology

Making new things from existing biological forms.

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