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Episode 157: What Ice Age Plants Can Tell Us About Modern Climate Change

What Ice Age vegetation tells us about the dangers of climate change.

Episode 156: The Lifelong Reward of Math

Your middle school algebra teacher was right — math skills are essential.

Episode 155: A Smaller, Lighter Solar Panel

A UA biochemist is looking at the next development in solar power by giving it an organic twist.

Episode 154: Training to Test Rainwater

UA project trains community leaders to help scientists test for rainwater pollutants.

Episode 153: The Ice-Volcanoes of Ceres

Examining surface volcanism on the dwarf planet Ceres.

Episode 152: Detecting Deception

UA information management professor Jay Nunamaker is leading a team developing advanced sensor technologies to detect the signs of deception.

Episode 151: A New "Spin" on Information

A University of Arizona physics professor describes the principle of "spin" and how it can create more efficient information processing and storage.

Episode 150: New Instruments for the James Webb Space Telescope

A University of Arizona space scientist discusses the instruments to be launched aboard the James Webb Space Telescope.

Episode 149: Imaging the Final Frontier

REPEAT: Astronomer Tod Lauer explains how the process for data imaging has made major technological advances.

Episode 148: New Purposes for MRI's

A University of Arizona researcher is finding new purposes for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Episode 147: How Microbes Affect Our Health

A University of Arizona Biosystems professor is studying how the microscopic world inside and around us affects our health.

Episode 146: The Conversation Surrounding Climate Change

A University of Arizona researcher is ensuring social science is part of the conversation surrounding climate change.

Episode 145: Native Bison Hunters Chased Prey with Fire

Native American hunters managed bison herds for centuries before Columbus' arrival in the New World.

Episode 144: Drought-Induced Tree Die-Offs and Climate Change

The dangerous cycle of large-scale tree die-offs contributes to climate change.

Episode 142: University of Arizona Scientist Expects Bright Discoveries from Parker Solar Probe

A new observation satellite will be getting an up-close look at our sun.

Episode 143: Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Human Immune System

Researching how our immune systems react to dangerous threats.

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