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Episode 145: Native Bison Hunters Chased Prey with Fire

Native American hunters managed bison herds for centuries before Columbus' arrival in the New World.

Episode 144: Drought-Induced Tree Die-Offs and Climate Change

The dangerous cycle of large-scale tree die-offs contributes to climate change.

Episode 142: University of Arizona Scientist Expects Bright Discoveries from Parker Solar Probe

A new observation satellite will be getting an up-close look at our sun.

Episode 143: Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Human Immune System

Researching how our immune systems react to dangerous threats.

Episode 141: UA Researchers Collect Genetic Clues to Advance Treatment Options for Lou Gehrig's Disease

A team of UA scientists are using a catalog of genetic information to look for clues in the battle against the deadly disease.

Episode 140: Citizen Scientists Help University of Arizona Researchers Focus on Butterfly Habits

University of Arizona assistant professor Katy Prudic is using citizen scientists to help her collect important data on butterflies.

Episode 139: How Satellites Measuring Polar Ice Can Help Predict Rising Sea Levels

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment has been measuring changes in Antarctic ice mass to help predict climate change.

Episode 139: First Photos of Bennu From Osiris-REx Spacecraft Due Next Month

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will begin sending photos of the asteroid Bennu back to earth beginning in August of 2018.

Episode 138: Fighting Foodborne Illness With New Research

Plant-based sanitizers may be the key to preventing outbreaks like the one that recently affected romaine lettuce grown in Yuma.

Episode 137: Developing a New Therapeutic Approach to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

New research into low-dose ketamine may improve the prognosis for people suffering from Parkinson's

Episode 136: Pursuing Better Health Through Sweat

Researching wearable devices that can track your stress levels.

Episode 134: Tracking Progress on Climate Goals

The ocean's central role in the Earth's climate.

Episode 133: Exciting New Applications for Photonics

Moving holographic pictures (think Princess Leah in Star Wars) are quickly becoming a reality.

Episode 132: Exploring the Milky Way

REPEAT. The UA-led GUSTO mission which will send a balloon to near space to study the Milky Way galaxy.

Episode 131: How Life Experiences Shape Brain Circuity

REPEAT. Why is it easier for children to learn new information than it is for adults?

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