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Episode 174: Unlocking the Answers to Questions Behind Alzheimer's Disease

When will it be possible to detect Alzheimer's before the onset of symptoms?

Episode 173: Using Science to Eliminate a Stubborn Agricultural Pest

A group led by a UA entomologist has worked to successfully eradicate the pink bollworm.

Episode 172: Tree Rings and Climate Change

What tree rings can tell us about changes in the Earth's climate.

Episode 171: The Science Behind Bones

A UA professor is investigating the science behind bones.

Episode 170: Can Intelligence Be Measured?

Is 'intelligence' a set of decentralized, independent problem-solving modules, or a singular, generalized skill of innovation?

Episode 169: Investigating the Mind-Body Dialogue

Everyone knows our brain controls our body, but how does our body influence our brain?

Episode 168: The Microbes Shaping Our Lives

Microbes are traditionally seen as dangerous to human health, but is that always the case?

Episode 166: OSIRIS-REx and the Search for a Sample Site on Bennu

Scientists on the OSIRIS-REx mission are facing an unexpected challenge searching for an area to collect a soil sample from Bennu.

Episode 165: Climate and the Deep Blue Sea

Transforming how oceanographers measure and forecast changes in Earth's climate

Episode 164: Managing Threats to the Global Ecosystem

Managing the challenges presented by threats to the global ecosystem.

Episode 163: How Birdsong Can Help Us Understand Human Speech

Researching birdsong, and how it can help scientists understand the development of human speech.

Episode 162: Using a Patient’s Own Cells in Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Developing methods for using a patient’s own cells in regenerative medicine therapies.

Episode 161: Climate Change and the Transmission of Infectious Diseases

The impact of a changing climate on the transmission of infectious diseases.

Episode 160: Quick-Orbiting Comets are Drawing Attention

Comets affected by Jupiter's gravity draw attention from University of Arizona planetary scientists.

Episode 159: The Pitfalls of Early Space Exploration

UA researcher recalls pitfalls of early interplanetary space exploration.

Episode 158: Is Vaping Addictive?

UA research team studies the addictive aspects of smokeless nicotine.

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