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Episode 134: Tracking Progress on Climate Goals

The ocean's central role in the Earth's climate.

Episode 133: Exciting New Applications for Photonics

Moving holographic pictures (think Princess Leah in Star Wars) are quickly becoming a reality.

Episode 132: Exploring the Milky Way

REPEAT. The UA-led GUSTO mission which will send a balloon to near space to study the Milky Way galaxy.

Episode 131: How Life Experiences Shape Brain Circuity

REPEAT. Why is it easier for children to learn new information than it is for adults?

Episode 130: Researching Lake Sediment

Using fossils and sedimentary records to understand the geological history of lake basins.

Episode 129: Insights from Insects

REPEAT. Applying knowledge from ants and bees to human engineering, computing, and more.

Episode 128: The History of Infrared

The design and development of the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer instrument on NASA’s infrared Spitzer Space Telescope

Episode 127: Seeing the Invisible

Scientists are using micro-optical devices to detect what animals can see, but we cannot.

Episode 126: Ripples in Space

Detecting gravitational waves from deep in space.

Episode 124: Staying Alive in Space

Tucson-based Paragon Space Development Corporation builds, tests and operates life-support systems and thermal control products which must be reliable for astronauts, explorers and unmanned space applications.

Episode 122: Imaging the Final Frontier

Astronomer Tod Lauer explains how the process for data imaging has made major technological advances.

Episode 121: Generating a New Understanding of How We Inherit Traits From Our Parents

How experiences and stresses we endure are encoded and passed on to our offspring.

Arizona Science Special: Humans, Data and Machines Roundtable Discussion

Joaquin Ruiz, UA Dean of the College of Science, leads a group conversation with speakers from the 2018 UA Science Lecture Series.

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