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Your Vote 2012

Amendments to the Arizona Constitution

Proposition 114 — Exempting a crime victim from liability incurred by a felony perpetrator. Full Text | AZPM Story

Proposition 115 — Giving the governor more authority in the selection of judges in Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima counties. Full Text | AZPM Story

Proposition 116 — Exempting small businesses from paying personal property tax on newly purchased equipment. Full Text | AZPM Story

Proposition 117 — Capping the annual increase in property value used in property tax calculations at 5% annually. Full Text | AZPM Story

Proposition 118 — Allowing changes to the formula for distribution of money from the state land trust for schools. Full Text | AZPM Story | In-Depth

Proposition 119 — Allowing the state to exchange trust land for other public land to protect military installations. Full Text | In Depth

Proposition 120 — Declaring state sovereignty over all public lands, including some federal lands, in the state. Full Text | In Depth

Proposition 121 — Creating an open primary election and top two general election system. Full Text | AZPM Story

Citizen Initiatives to Create or Amend State Law

Proposition 204 — Making permanent the one-cent sales tax and allocate its proceeds for education and other benefits. Full Text | AZPM Story

Local Matters

Proposition 409 — City of Tucson measure that would allow the issuance of $100 million in bonds to finance street and road repairs. More Information | AZPM Story