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Officials: New Tucson Airport Tower Means Safety, Efficiency

Sep 23, 2016

$40 million structure dedicated Friday also boasts green features, including solar power.

Judge: Arizona 'Ballot Harvesting' Law OK

Sep 23, 2016

State wins a round in court over a new law against collecting ballots.

Campaigns, Candidates Are Chasing the Youth Vote

Sep 23, 2016

People born in - wait for it - 1998 are now eligible to vote; but will they?

Pima Supervisors Election: Board Control at Stake?

Sep 23, 2016

Voters could change the political party leadership on the Board of Supervisors.

San Carlos Apaches, Others Sue Over Copper Mine Waste Site

Sep 23, 2016

Lawsuits claim US Forest Service violated several environmental laws.

How President Hart Will Become Professor Hart

Sep 22, 2016

UA president will serve on faculty of College of Education, earn top salary.

Arizona Receives $1 Million for Continuing Border Cleanup

Sep 22, 2016

Extension of funds used to clear 29 tons of waste from the Nogales Wash.

US Money to Boost Santa Cruz County Public-Safety Radio

Sep 22, 2016

Law enforcement and fire agencies encounter 'dead spots' in 80% of service area.

McSally Challenges Homeland Security on Data Accuracy

Sep 22, 2016

She disagrees with agency statistics about proportion of those caught crossing.

Tucson International Airport Will Unveil New Control Tower

Sep 22, 2016

FAA-owned tower replaces one of the oldest-running towers in the country.

Group, Gov. Ducey Hope to Stop Recreational Pot Measure

Sep 22, 2016

If passed, Prop. 205 will make recreational marijuana legal in Arizona.

Tucson to Host Event for Nationwide Concert to End Gun Violence

Sep 22, 2016

Seven local bands will play at all-day event; proceeds will benefit Jan. 8 memorial efforts.