Senate Bill 1062 is designed to further crack down on people making or selling methamphetamine. The proposal allows a judge to consider a previous conviction involving methamphetamine if that conviction was in another state. The previous conviction must be for something that is illegal in Arizona. SB 1062 is sponsored by Tucson state Senator Jonathan Paton. No other member of the Senate signed on to co-sponsor the bill.

On February, 11, 2010, SB 1062 passed the full Senate with a unanimous vote.

Pima County Delegation Vote on SB 1062:

  • Paula Aboud (D) – Yes
  • Jorge Luis Garcia (D) – Yes
  • Linda Lopez (D) – Yes
  • Al Melvin (R)- Yes
  • Jonathan Paton (R)- Yes

Full Senate Vote on SB 1062