Limits on campaign financing for local and state political offices in Arizona have been adjusted for inflation.

Covered are the amounts that individuals and political action committees can give and what candidates for local and state political offices in Arizona can receive.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett announced the new limits in a Thursday press release. Bennett is responsible under state law for making the inflation adjustments every two years, using the Consumer Price Index as the factor.

An individual can contribute a maximum of $6,390 to candidates and committees that give to candidates in any combination of local, legislative and statewide races in 2013-14. That's up from $6,100 in 2011-12.

Individual contributions to a local candidate are limited to $450, up from $430 in 2011-12. For a legislative candidate, an individual can contribute $440, up from $424, and for a candidate in a statewide race, the limit is $912, up from $872.

There also are limits on how much candidates can collect. The new limits that can be raised from PACs are $11,390 in local races, $14,688 in legislative races and $91,040 in statewide races.

The limits also cover contributions made by political action committees and committees certified as "super PACs."

See a full rundown of the new limits here.