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Episode 89: That Buzzing Noise You Hear

Everything you ever wanted to know about cicadas.

Episode 88: Baby Genes

New research suggests that new genes are likely to appear fully developed rather than gradually taking shape.

Episode 87: X-ray Vision - The Drive to See More

By combining the very latest advances in technology and computing, a UA team is building uniquely powerful imaging systems.

Episode 86: The Widespread Effects of Tiny Aerosol Particles on Climate and Health

Of all environmental threats, particles are responsible for the most deaths globally.

Episode 85: Seeing Around Corners

The potential of exploiting complex light reflections to look around corners and through objects.

Episode 84: What the Earth's Climate History Can Tell Us About Climate Change and Seasonal Rains

REPEAT. New findings provides evidence that climate shifts can happen suddenly.

Episode 83: Rejuvenating and Repairing the Aging Brain with Stem Cells

REPEAT. Treating Parkinson's and more with stem cells.

Episode 82: Forecasting Arizona's Monsoon

REPEAT. The monsoon is changing as our temperatures rise.

Episode 81: Exploring the Milky Way

The UA-led GUSTO mission which will send a balloon to near space to study the Milky Way galaxy.

Episode 80: Improving Food Security

A new way to prevent the loss of millions of tons of crops to fungus each year.

Episode 79: Battling Chronic Pain

Research into new therapies for chronic pain.

Episode 78: Groundwater Supply and Quality

Applying knowledge from ants and bees to human engineering, computing, and more.

Episode 77: Insights from Insects

Applying knowledge from ants and bees to human engineering, computing, and more.

Episode 76: Computer-Assisted Surgical Training

REPEAT. Computer-guided practice will speed up surgical learning.

Episode 75: Flood Risks in the Southwest

REPEAT. The science of superfloods.

Episode 74: Why are Women More Susceptible to Alzheimer's Disease Than Men

Studying the dramatic differences between how female and male brains generate the energy they need as the brain ages.

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